photograph by Magnolia Design Studio

The complex lives of professional entertainers and style-makers have always fascinated me. In my work, I attempt to capture my subjects' humanity in their intimate moments, and also explore the ways they transform and express themselves creatively. I grew up on Madonna, movies, MTV, and Vogue magazine, and have always been enamored by both the on-stage magic and the behind-the-scenes, transfixed by the idea that anyone can create a persona and perform for an audience—seemingly becoming a different person—and then wipe it all away, remove their costume, and live as a regular, anonymous citizen in the comfort (or messiness) of their own life in such a separate and removed way. I think this duality of life speaks to all of us on some level. 

Each piece I create is either born of a pre-conceived idea or concept, which I’ve arranged and organized until I’ve fully expressed what I wanted to convey, or of moments that I’ve organically stumbled upon and felt compelled to recreate and make eternal. 

I'm a Contemporary Realist artist , often exploring different mediums, though I work mainly in oils and pencil. I chased the elusive mastery of my artistic abilities from the time I was a young child until I completed high school, putting it aside for twenty-three years after a decision to pursue Graphic Design and writing, with the understanding that being an artist was not a feasible career. I was gifted my grandfather’s paints and brushes in 2018 and began the chase again.

I'm highly influenced by the various moods, textures, and themes conjured by stories, music, and fashion, as well as by historical masters like Rembrandt, Degas, Munch, Klimt, and The Wyeths, and by contemporary masters like Bo Bartlett, Kehinde Wiley, and Margaret Bowland.



Out of the Shadows, On to the Streets, Art Windsor-Essex (AWE), Windsor, Ontario

I Am Here: Home Movies & Everyday Masterpieces, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto, Ontario

She Is, Art of Emotions Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

The Black + White Gala, Fernweh Events, Windsor, Ontario

Mujer, 33 Contemporary, virtual show



Postcards for the Holidays, 33 Contemporary, virtual show

2021 Square Foot Show, Westland Gallery, London, Ontario

Pride & Joy, Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW), Windsor, Ontario

Thirty Six by Forty Eight Show, Nancy Johns Gallery, Windsor, Ontario

QUEEN FOR A DAY, Windsor, Ontario, SOLO SHOW

Summer Heat Annual Exhibition, ACWR, virtual show

Music/Man, 33 Contemporary, virtual show

International Women's Day Postcard Pop UP Show, 33 Contemporary, virtual show



Good Things Come In Small Packages, 33 Contemporary, virtual show

2020 Square Foot Show, Westland Gallery, London, Ontario

147th Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition, Ontario Society of Artists (OSA), virtual show

The Poppy Art Campaign, The Art Incubator & Coulter's, Windsor, Ontario

Thirty x Forty Show, Nancy Johns Gallery, Windsor, Ontario

Art & Chill: Quarantine Exhibition, Nancy Johns Gallery, virtual show


Conceal/Reveal, Nancy Johns Gallery, Windsor, Ontario

Twenty x Thirty Show, Nancy Johns Gallery, Windsor, Ontario


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Dr. Samuel Peralta Collection, Toronto, CANADA

Grants & Prizes

Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund Grant, 2021, Windsor, Ontario

Windsor Endowment for the Arts Grant, 2020, Windsor, Ontario