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One of my oil paintings was recently included in the  group show "Music/Man", curated by the incredible fine artist Allesandro Tomassetti. It featured artworks of men, inspired by music or lyrics, and was posted online on ARTSY through 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago (catalog link is to the left) in conjunction with PoetsArtists March 15, 2021. I was so excited to read about this call that my brain started swimming with possibilities immediately. I was honored that my work exhibited amongst such incredible pieces. 

You can view bonus info about the show in the Artsy viewing room here:



My solo exhibition Queen For A Day at SHO Art, Spirit & Performance was a success! We still saw over 100 visitors to the exhibition despite all the tight Covid restrictions, and the show was very well-received. I'm very grateful for the grant I was awarded by the ACHF from the City of Windsor, which helped make this show possible.

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